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Positions table in Kicks Online


This is characterized by its wide speed and agility compared to all defending positions, the SB is the fastest. You can block
short shots and long shots with his blocking ability.

The SW is a defensive position characterized in defending the goal closely, ideal to defend against ST's since the SW
It has the ability to push players from the opposite team or even take them by the clothes and preventing the opponent's gameplay.
The SW can also defend with steal and a quick sweep, and is the only position characterized by both attributes.

This defensive position is the most aggressive of all, especially an expert in sweeps, pitching, and goalkeeper bodyguards !. The CB
has the ability to defend the goal by throwing his own body in defense mode- Additionally the CB is
the only defensive position with heading abilities.


Specialized and recognized in its great attribute of short and long distance shots, this is characterized
for his long and very fast shots.

Defense midfielder and with excellent attributes and abilities in Heading, the DM has the ability to steal and sweep quickly, grab the enemy's clothes (ONLY WITH THE BALL), and great abilities in heading.

Attacking midfielder with a great ability to intercept balls, he can steal the ball quickly and possesses long shot skills like Ravona.

One of the most aggressive positions on long shots, the SM has abilities like (Shoot Beckham, Ravona) and is a great component to play with an ST since he possesses cross skills like (Cross Beckham).


Professional when it comes to heading, he has very precise abilities to intercept high passes over his head, and additionally he has enough short shot to be able to play as a normal striker.

The perfect position if we talk about shots at close range, always close to the goal. The WF has short sprint shooting skills, ideal for those who like to play as a striker and score pure goals!

The CF is characterized by its mastery of the ball and shots at close range, it has short shot skills and also fake simulations to deceive the enemy.